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credit crunch uk stay in thailand guys

stay in thailand guys the credit crunch is getting out of control with so many homes been taken back buy the banks
The Last Crash: 1989 - 1996
It took 7 years for the crash to bottom out wiping out 30% of the price of an average home in the uk. If anyone was convinced by the government to buy on the downslope they risked massive falls in the value of their homes and also negative equity or even repossession! You should never buy on a downward slope as you simply don't know when you are going to hit the bottom.

This Crash: 2008

We have JUST started our decline this time around, the tipping point was 2008. based on the last crash. I am confident that we are going in to a dip, I just don't know how long or deep this crash is going to be this time around.
You can at least agree that if you buy now, you are staring in to a chasm with no idea how far you are going to fall.



thanks again nicko the guy here from ban dung can really play sounds very good i would like to be able to play myself but iam all fingers an thumbs issan music even mowlam grows on you the wife as it on all day and night here at home



big thanks to nicko for makeing some great local movies of thailand and laos keep up the good work regards john
udon thani issan and ban dung are great places to be over the last few years there as been a massive influx to the local area of expats from all over the world


ban dung photo album


ban dung udon thani province

to find out a little bit more about thailand even if you live here i like this choice of books well i would its my choice
half of the books i have read the others i will do one day when the wife stops nagging me


ban dung issan Thailand videos


a selection of videos from in and around ban dung issan Thailand stop buy again and see whats new if you have a video you would like to share contact me and i will display it for you
more ban dung videos comeing soon

ban dung megamix buy nicko

wat cham chanot temple


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