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missing ban dung issan thailand


expat dreams and gripes
yes its comes to all of us after spending a few weeks our for those more lucky a couple of month's the trip to Thailand to see friends and family is never just long enough it makes you start to wonder why we do what we do i guess most people reading this will contact in some way with what i am saying

we spend are lives running round in circles to get to a ever elusive gole of living the ban dung issan expat dream getting a wad of money together to live out for some of us the golden years of are lives away from are homes in the west
are thai wifes our girlfriends spend years away from home trying mostly in vain to make so called big money in the west

i speak for myself when i say sometimes i wish i had a Thai passport no visa hassle no long waits at the laos border just being able to get on with your life maybe start a local based business seek out a simple living and enjoy life what comes my way do i really need to work my backside of in the uk to buy a big house big car then when i get all this i need a big bank balance to support my chosen lifestyle

anyway ban dung may be a Thai backwater but it beats living in the UK hands down that is for sure with this year been more our less a totally right of maybe i should take a year out
ok gripe over i need to get back to working on my new website
Thai expat info
that should keep me out of trouble
ok readers you seem to come from all over the world come on quick comment
where are you from when do you plan to retire


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