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typical expat day in ban dung issan thailand part 1


my expat day out in ban dung issan Thailand
well i guess depending on what you did the night before this could be a typical day in ban dung issan ok you wake up is to the tweet of birds our the sounds of some dodgy mowlem song well anyway your awake you stumble from you room to find the house empty you missed takbaht again

never mind the wife our one of the family kept you in the good books again i don't mind popping up to the temple but trying to sit down on the mats to long kills me so lets give it a miss today
what do you eat for breakfast in Thailand I normally try a a couple of slices of toast and a cup of coffee with the heat of the day approaching if possible i would head in to ban dung about 10am have a full English at eddies bar our garys its good to have the choice as one time you could not get much of anything

anyway we make it to ban dung fill up for the day our at least till about 5 when the roast chicken over the road from eddies is done know i need to check my email and contact with the outside world well this is the part thats starts to get you worried is your mail box going to be full of spam again our are there people out there that give a dam about you it would be great to find out only problem internet is down again

but never fear i have a back up plan gprs internet which used to be total rubbish but these days its nuch faster then the old mister tongs internet cafe in udon thani god that place used to have me pulling my hair out does anybody remember that place
lets say we did waste 1 our 2 hours surfing the net until lunch whats next
i better wait till part 2 as i am hungry as hell here does this fit in with your typical morning in Thailand ?


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