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typical expat day in ban dung issan thailand part 2


ban dung in issan is not exactly the most exciting place in the world but with a little imagination you can find lots of things to fill up your day OK here we are part 2 we made it to lunch in part one
but failed dismally at trying to check the internet again
but with a little help from big Dave ex up to you bar i have gprs set up not the best but at least you can check your mail inexpensively even out in the boonies of issan

well its gary.s bar for a cold drink then onto a beer Gary does a good sausage butty
best washed down buy a cold tiger
he gets a few different people in there that don't make to the other side of town mostly so iam always up to meet new people its good that eddies as some decent competition in ban dung it keeps things interesting and makes sure everybody is focused on looking after the customers

well after watching the loonies on the road outside fly buy like rockets for a hour our so its time to pack up and move on what to do ok dident have to think long its nearly 2 so better head of to eddies i will probaley be the first of a few that turn up there this afternoon

eddies bar as a elevated bench like bar top running nearly the full length of the place great for people watching and having a good lean on love it
what i have noticed there quiet a few times and aim sure it happens all over issan
a Thai girl and falang on a motorbike pass buy the guy notices the bar while riding passenger something i don't like to do unless feeling suicidal
he turns is head and nearly dislocates is neck while the girl rides on blinked she.s thinking lets get out of here i don't wont my atm getting in there with those die hards
anyway before i go on i will stop and wait for part 3 to give you a possible outcome for the rest of the day in ban dung


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