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ban dung issan high speed internet shops


if your looking to find decent internet speed in ban dung then here are the places i have used over the last year our two / things have changed for the better in ban dung the shop below is very close to the Thai farmer bank if your directly in front of the bank

STA60508 (400 x 170)

walk to your right take the first left road turning and this shop is within sight on the right side of the road as all the shops look alike here are a couple of photos i paid 20 baht for a hour and used my laptop via lan cable its the same price to use there computers with sleek screens and very comfy seating

contact details =  240/6 srisuttho bandung udopnthani A1190 tel=042-271200 mobile-0850085828


ban dung issan Thailand bars restaurants

eddies bar ban dung offer a large open sided seating area and terrace they do a decent breakfast just what you need to set yourself up for the day eddies bar open around 9 am till past my bedtime so you should always be able to get a beer early our late and if you don't fancy the drive home then you can rent a room from 350 baht per night for short our long term with the centre of ban dung near everything is within walking distance if you go to ban dung for the first time its certainly worth a stop 


garys bar ban dung is just on the edge of town drive out past the bus station towards the salt flats and just about 100 meters round the corner on your left you will find a very well presented bar and restaurant run bye himself and wife the breakfast was excellent best sausage i have hate on this holiday so far the bar is set back a little from the road directly over from a petrol station so you can fill your bike and belly up at the same time good luck Gary


trents Thai and falang food over the road from ban dung hospital you will find a great little restaurant popular with the nursing staff and local Thais they also do a western style breakfast and beer at Thai prices other western dishes include cheese toasties and burger and chips if you need to beat the credit crunch then this place should it the spot see photo album to help you get your bearings


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