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ban dung dangerous


it comes as no surprise that even in ban dung issan Thailand you can place yourself in harms way throw no fault of your own yesterday i met a gentleman from ban chiang area the world heritage site who while sleeping was awaken buy intruders who viciously beet him around the head with a steel bar at least 4 times the guy managed to keep upright blood soaked and the burglar ran away

the police have yet to catch the person falangs are i guess presumed to be big money targets in Thailand i would surget that wherever you stay you put some security measures in place and if your home is burgled you do not attempt to confront them yourself here are a few suggestions of my own feel free to comment and add your own

1= have a designated room in your home  preferably your bedroom which can be used as a safe room the door and hinges should be heavy duty a five lever lock and 2 large door bolts fitted as standard

2= windows steel security grills should be fitted to this room and preferably the whole house our at least the rear of your house if your home is round faceing street lighting and the screw heads used should be rounded of our a dot of weld applied

3= outside lights are inexpensive to fit motion detectors can be fitted but make sure power cables are routed from within your prpotey if possible

4= don't keep large amounts of cash and gold at home and make sure your wallet and house and car keys are kept out of view a fireproof safe is relatively inexpensive and a safe place to keep you wallet and passport the hassle and of losing these items can far out way the cost of fitting a safe to your safe room

follow some simple rules and greatly lower the chances of becoming a victim and don't forget Thailand is far safer then Europe our north America so don't become paranoid but don't become complacent  these 4 steps can be put in place anywhere in the world your feedback welcome especially if you have your own ideas for personnel security

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